Defining Your Need

Primary Functional System: Space-Ground Interface
Phase of System Lifecycle: Operations

Step 3: We recommend that you speak with Fred Slane.

Fred Slane Frederick A. Slane

B.A. Physics and Mathematics, Willamette Univ.; B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology; M.S. Physics, University of New Mexico. Twenty years as a space officer in the U.S. Air Force, STS payload engineer, spacecraft component R&D engineer and scientist, operations and operations testing, unified staff space officer. Research scientist for dust migrations in the lunar environment. Active in technical standards development for six years through the AIAA and ISO, Convenor for TC20/SC14/WG2: Space Systems and Operations, Interfaces, Integration and Test. Specializes in launch integration, launch and initial on-orbit operations.

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