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Primary Functional System: Spacecraft
Phase of System Lifecycle: Integration & Testing

Step 3: We recommend that you speak with James Haughton.

James Haughton, P.E. James Haughton, P.E.
Technical Associate

B. S. Mechanical Engineering, Manhattan College, Bronx, N.Y. President of, and Structural Test Engineer for Kinetic Research Corp. Over 30 years experience in structural and test engineering with numerous technical papers published. Space program work is primarily through the Naval research Laboratory and includes such programs as Clementine, Composite Clementine Bus, EPDM, HTSSE SEALAR, ATEX, ISS Interim Control Module, NEMO, and ISE. U.S. Project Lead, ISO Test Documentation standard development.

Specializes in mechanical launch environment analysis, acoustic, vibration and modal survey testing on spacecraft as well as designing and implementing specialized on-orbit dynamic tests. Conducts seminars on the practical aspects of modal survey theory including hands-on test techniques.

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